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Eco Nest Interior Design Studio, PLLC a residential interior company, who will be there for you, to make sure that your home environment is truly your eco nest. Our philosophy is to work with homeowners to create a healthy, stylish and beautiful home environment. Whether it is a single family home, co-op apartment or condominium, the home will be green, eco-friendly, sustainable and within the homeowner's investment budget.
Eco Nest understands that today's homeowners are concerned about keeping home energy costs low. We also know homeowners are concerned about interior pollutants.  Since we are indoors 90% of the time, limiting interior pollutants protects family members from developing respiratory and allergy problems.
Another uniqueness of Eco Nest is green, eco-friendly and sustainable interior design solutions for Baby Boomers and the Mature Americans who are planning to remain in their homes. These solutions will make their existing homes more adaptable to their changing lifestyle and needs. As long as your health condition is good, why not remain in your home and community, as you are aging-in-place.
If a homeowner needs help with setting up the home to sell or rent, Eco Nest offers Home Staging services. Our Home Staging service will help your home to sell or rent faster than a non-staged home.
Eco Nest is there also for co-op or condominium Boards and managing agents to help them create a better, healthy, more beautiful and energy efficient building. Design solutions will focus on the lobby, residential hallways, mailrooms, lounges, fitness rooms and other amenities.
Eco Nest Interior Design Studio personalized customer service will provide a pleasurable project experience.
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